Announcement Email Improvement

SMTP Configuration and Insights for Your Email Campaigns

We have introduced SMTP Configuration under Configuration in our platform. This means you can send your email campaigns much faster and in larger numbers.

What’s more? You also get thorough data of your SMTP emails through our SMTP insights.

All you have to do is:

  • Under your username on the upper right-hand side click on Configuration.
    Configuration option is highlighted to access SMTP configuration settings for your email campaigns
  • You’ll be redirected to a new window with SMTP Configuration on the top menu bar.
    SMTP Configuration tab option is highlighted under Configuration module
  • Click on SMTP Configuration and you’ll see your user details like username, password, SMTP port, etc.
    SMTP Configuration tab and its details including API Keys and SMTP ports information
  • You can use these details to set up your SMTP portal and start sending your email campaigns.
  • To access your SMTP email data, click on Insights on the left and go to Email.
    Email is highlighted to access email insights under the Insights menu
  • Once in the new window, click on SMTP Sendings.
    SMTP Sendings tab option is highlighted within the Email Insights module
  • Enter the period for which you want the data and click on Export.
    Select Export report start to end period details to export email SMTP insights
  • The new window will show you the list of SMTP data files available.
    Download email SMTP insights option is highlighted under All downloads panel
  • You can either download or delete it as per your preference.