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Show/Hide Condition for Signup Form

We have introduced a new feature in Signup widget, called the Show/Hide Condition. Available under Settings for the Signup Widget, the feature works in correlation with the “Fields” setting. It is a type of “If-then” statement and offers the user an elaborate design element for their email, or landing page campaign.

To use the feature:

  • Define Fields for your signup form and select Hide Field for each according to your requirement.
    Hide field switch is on and highlighted under signup form's Email field settings
  • Go to Conditions and click on Show/Hide Field.
    Show or hide field state condition is highlighted under the condition tab of signup form widget
  • Select Field from the drop-down menu and define its ‘If’ condition.
  • Select the Action under Perform Action according to your preference.
  • Pick the field you want the action to be performed on and Save.
    Add a new show or hide field condition & action settings against your selected signup form field and save