Announcement Improvement CRM

Radio and Checkbox button Custom Fields Introduced in CRM and Signup Widget

We have released a new feature where you can now create new custom fields with Radio and Checkbox button options. You can use these custom fields in signup widgets while creating a landing page or a survey.

The new feature allows you to offer more options to your audience while filling the signup form.

  • All you have to do is Create a Custom Field in CRM like before.
  • Once you add a suitable name and select the option, you can define the criteria under.
  • Now go to the landing page or survey editor and pick the Signup Widget.
  • Under Settings, go to Fields and Add a Field. You’ll see your custom field with radio or checkbox button under the list.
    Predefined values choices to add radio button & checkbox options highlighted under CRM's Create Custom Field option
    Example showing added custom field called Class custom with its settings in signup form