Announcement Improvement CRM

Notes Introduced in CRM

We have introduced a new feature in the CRM contacts called Notes. These notes work like any other notes feature and they enable you to write notes for each contact stored in the CRM.

These notes are linked to each contact individually and cannot be sent or transferred. You can edit and delete them as and when you like.

  • Open any list in CRM lists.
    CRM Contacts lists module with list name and details
  • Open a contact in a particular CRM list.
    Opened contacts list related details like created on, email marketing and SMS marketing consent opt-ins
  • You’ll see Notes on the top menu bar.
    Notes tab is highlighted within the opened CRM Contact's profile tab
  • Click on Create Note and a Note Editor will open.
    Create Note button is highlighted under CRM contact profile module
  • Once you’ve created your note, click on Save Note.
    Add your note details here to add a new note against your selected CRM contact