Announcement Improvement Landing Page

Add pages to your Landing Page

Good news! We have introduced a new feature where you can now add pages to your Landing Page campaign; just like Survey. ‘Pages’ allows you to create elaborate Landing Page campaigns by adding several successive pages for your audience to look through.

To add pages to your landing page:

  • Click on Pages on the right side of the landing page builder.
  • Click on Add a Page and enter name and description for your page.
  • Once done, click on Save.
    Add name and description for new page in landing page campaign

Subsequently, you can configure the CTA button to redirect your audience to another page.
You can do so by;

  • Defining button action and selecting Link to page.
  • Select page under drop-down menu.
  • Save
    Select landing page action to link your selected additonal landing page

Likewise, you can also edit the submit button in the Signup Form widget.
All you have to do is;

  • Under Actions, define the Button Action and select Link to page.
  • Select page under drop-down menu.
  • Define other Signup form criteria and Save.
    Submit button action to open linked landing page settings

Note: The Home Page is stationary and you can neither delete nor change its order with respect to the rest of the pages. It will always stay as the primary page.