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Landing Page release notes category includes landing page module related most recent updates, features, & more. Create future-proof professional landing pages.
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Add pages to your Landing Page

You can now create Landing Pages with several internal pages. The feature will help you create much more elaborate landing page campaigns.

Stamp Card Widget

We have released a new widget called the Stamp Card Widget that allows you to add discounts and other offers in your landing page campaign.

Show/Hide Condition for Signup Form

Show/Hide Condition in Signup Widget is a new feature that provides an intricate design element for campaigns. Using this feature, a user can create targeted surveys, landing pages, or emails campaigns.

Autofill Form data in Signup Widget

A new feature in the Signup widget for both Landing page and Survey editors called Autofill Form data.

Receive a copy functionality introduced in Signup Widget

Receive a copy in signup widget allows you to receive data in your email inbox. This way you can stay up-to-date on who signs up through your campaign.

Enter Webhook URL to Send Campaign Data

Enter Webhook URL in the Signup widget to send your signup data on it. It allows you to directly share your data outside the platform

Limit on the number of Signups

Signup Limiter under the signup form widget feature allows you to limit the number of signups through your landing page or survey.

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