Announcement Improvement

Survey unique responses, Export Unique Response Insight

We have released two new features for Survey;

  • Unique responses in Survey
  • Export unique responses

1. Unique responses in Survey: Available in Survey settings, it lets you get unique responses on your survey. Thus, the responses will allow you to get true performance insights and plan your marketing strategy.

To do so;

  • In the Survey builder work area, click on Settings.
  • Now, click on Survey Settings to open the settings underneath.
  • Turn on the icon under Unique response required, and type your Unique response message.

    Note: Once enabled, the audience can only fill the survey once. Meanwhile, all the other widgets used in the survey will remain interactive.

    Unique response required on and off switch highlighted under survey settings

2. Export unique responses: Sometimes, a user hasn’t enabled Unique response required during survey creation but still wants insights for unique responses. They can now get these insights easily.

To do so;

  • Under Survey Insights, select from the list of surveys you want the unique response insight for.
  • Once redirected, click on Export and then Export Unique Responses.
    Export Unique Responses button under survey insights
  • The Downloads list will show the survey ready for downloading.
    Download option under all downloads to export survey unique responses report
  • Click on Download and you can study the insights for future strategies.

Note: The Unique response insight will not show any anonymous responses that would be available in general insights.