Fix Improvement CRM

You can now export Failed Imported Contacts

The CRM Import Status window used to keep loading due to immense amount of CRM data stored by the user.

FIX: The CRM Import Status window loads up much faster and with success. On top of it, you can now export those contacts that weren’t imported due to some issue within each contact list i.e., Duplicates, Invalid, etc.

All you have to do is:

  • Click on three dot icon next to the contact list and click Import Details.
    Access Import details option is highlighted under the 3 dots menu under CRM import status module
  • Click on Export to export the failed contacts.
    Export button is highlighted to export failed import details based report under CRM imports module
  • Once the new window with all the failed contact open, you can download them according to your preference.
    Download CRM failed contacts import report option under All downloads tab