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Find all Email related latest news, updates, & improvements that we are implementing regularly within our platform's Email related modules and functionalities.
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Stamp Card Widget

We have released a new widget called the Stamp Card Widget that allows you to add discounts and other offers in your landing page campaign.

Show/Hide Condition for Signup Form

Show/Hide Condition in Signup Widget is a new feature that provides an intricate design element for campaigns. Using this feature, a user can create targeted surveys, landing pages, or emails campaigns.

Add Attachment to Email Campaign

The users can now attach/upload files with email campaigns. The feature allows the user to be more precise and effective with their email campaigns.

Quick Import and Copy Paste Recipients in Email sendings

You can now Quick Import and Copy Paste Recipients in Email sendings. This allows you to quicken up your Email sending.

SMTP Configuration and Insights for Your Email Campaigns

We have introduced SMTP Configuration under Configuration in our platform. This means you can send your email campaigns much faster and in larger numbers.

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